Bike of the Month - September 2013
1983 Honda CR480R

Adriano Zellner

Varese, Italy





The bike arrived July 2012 and was originally sold in Italy and came along with al the original paperwork and orig. spare part kit from Honda. Unfortunately the privious owner modified the bike and mounted some ugly and extremly heavy Grimeca disc-brakes, ruining the front fork and the swingarm, and partially the frame on the brake side. Fortunately all original parts were still there. Also the cilinder and the cilinder head had some problems.


The right crankcase was ruined by a chain failure, etc.. Nevertheless I decided to return the bike to the original conditions... The crank case was painted by a guy that normally works for MV Agusta..


The engine was rebuilt with oem spares and with a new right crankcase. The cylinder restored by an artist in Germany and the head changed.


The frame was restored, sandblasted and painted with the original color R114. The fuel Tank and the rear fender were restored and the mudflap were restored by Plastic renovation in the US, Slovly and gently I found al the original parts NOS, like the chain slider and the rollers, the brake pedal etc..


Found the oem rear sprocket. Note the wrong writing on the swingarm; it was later changed with some exact copies that a friend of mine made (Line Label in Locate Varesino) it took us several tries before the exact replica were ready (the length of the right decal is longer than that on the left side). He also had the patience to reproduce some exact copies of the Fork and shock Showa decals...


Mud flap before the restoration: I bought three of them before I found the right one to use on the bike... Extremely difficult part to find in good conditions...


First roll out in spring 2013. The saddle was restored by a former Tecnosel employee: Luciano is a true genius. Then the engine was mounted with new Wiseco piston.


The rear rim was changed with an original one from 1983 and the wheels were restored by Pulimetal in Caronno Varesino. By the way I did not like the rear swing arm and replaced it with an almost new one that I bought in the US. The front brake cable was also a hard nut, because it is specific for the CR 25 /480 from 1983. I even found the rubber caps for the front fork...


New Bridgestone were mounted. August 2013 the bike was ready for display in the living room (my wife almost killed me)


Exeption made for a bad experience with some crooks from Belgium/Netherlands I enjoyed the work and summa summarum it was worth it.