Bike of the Month - November 2012
1979 Honda CR250R Elsinore

Graeme Bliss

Wagga Wagga NSW, Australia





The bike started out as a stock rebuild, but I decided to make some personal changes to modify the bike to partly resemble a works type bike from that era. I had the bike built for me by a respected Australian restorer/rebuilder as I was part way through a '77 RM250 resto at the time and with work commitments high I could not take on any more work.

The swingarm is a modified Honda PRO LINK arm with old mounts removed and twinshock ones added along with other welds and markings to take on the works look.

The shocks are Works Performance built for my weight and style of riding, the front forks and triples are from an '81 CR250R, the motor was totally rebuilt, DG Pipe and silencer, Carb painted black, airbox painted red and some small personal touches added like decals and stencils etc, etc.


The bike has taken around 15 months to complete due to personal family circumstances of the restorer and his workload at the time, but it was worth the wait as I am very happy with it!