Bike of the Month - December 2008
1978 CR250R Elsinore
Daniel Sanchez
Madrid, Spain





This bike history began about one year a go when I saw this model in a vintage bike magazine and I realized that I needed one. We donít have Elsinores in Spain so I looked for one on eBay. I won an auction for a cheap 1978 CR250R with a broken rod.


The bike was in Philadelphia in the USA and that was the big problem because the seller didnít want to crate the bike in parts for the shipping. I decided that the cheapest way to get the bike home was to fly to Philadelphia, dismantle the bike, put it in my baggage and fly back home. I did this without any kind of problem, except for some additional expense for the extra baggage.


That was on in January of 2008. Once I had the bike home I did all the work on my own. Everything is powder coated except the tank and side panels which are painted with automotive paint. The screws, nuts and other metal parts are Zn plated. I had to put in a new Wiseco sleeve, piston, bearings and seals. The shocks and forks are rebuilt with new seals and new rods for the shocks.


The bike is almost 100% original, except the front rim, tyres, reproduction fenders and some other little details. The Spanish dirt bike magazine "Motoverde" is going to publish a test of this bike this month and thatís why I have some studio pictures inspired by the original í78 CR250R Elsinore sales brouchure.


I hope you have enjoyed the pics as much as I have enjoyed this project that I finished in August. Now I am looking for a Ď73/Ď74 CR250M!


Daniel Sanchez