Bike of the Month - June 2006
1983 Honda CR250R
Larry Kane
Pepperell, MA



Hello people,


Since discovering this website I have been working on putting together my bike for all the Elsinore lovers to look at. This website has been an inspiration to me. I walked away (bearly) from moto-x in 1984 up here in Massachusetts. They sold my home town track of Pepperell, MA, one of the oringinal GP sites in the US, and I lost interest in racing, but now at age 47 I'm bitten by the bug again. This bike has been in my garage since 1984. I completely disassembled it and have now put it back together. It runs like the day I bought it, and will be at the Southwick Vintage MX race.


Except for the back tire, left side case, and front number plate, it is the original bike I purchased in 1983, right down to the levers, handle bars, grips and stickers! I got the left side case from this web site from some guy in MO. for $20. I don't remember his name but I cant thank him enough since he got the ball rolling to put the bike back together.The tire and plate were also from 1983. What you see is what I raced then, I was going to paint it completly but came to realize I would be covering up many old memories.


I can't remember what I did yesterday, but somehow I can remember how and when I put most of the dents and scratches in it. This bike is pretty unique in that aspect. This website is the best!! Thanks for the memories. I had never thought I missed it so much!!!


Please excuse some of the pictures. The plastic looks faded but its the sun hitting it.


Larry Kane #537