Bike of the Month - July 2003
1973 CR250M Elsinore
Toto Lopez
Manila, Philippines



This bike was found in the ownership of a man who got it from a friend who went home to the province. He was unable to restore it to the condition he wanted so he passed it over. it is an original 73 CR250M with Mikuni carbs and original head. Exhaust is stock also so almost everything was preserved. Parts that were needed were purchased from Vintage Iron in Yorba Linda, California. Tires are Dunlops.


An interesting note is the US flag in the front fender, which was a standard item on a lot of CR125M's here back in 1975 to 1976 when it was being sold here in the Philippines. Probably in tribute that the japanese made this bike really to target the US market and the word Elsinore really is from Lake Elsinore where the most exciting races with the likes of Steve Mcqueen and the "On Any Sunday" guys really evolved and made Motocross a big hit in the USA.


In the Philippines, it was the US forces in Clark and Subic plus some Filipinos who introduced the sport to the public in the early 1970's. Races were held in Fort Bonifacio and in US military installations in Clark Airbase and Subic Naval Base. The Elsinore really represents a generation of riders who truly rode for the love of riding and not too much for the money, unlike nowadays.


Toto Lopez