Bike of the Month - April 2003
1976 MR250 Elsinore
SSG Ronald Wamplera
Fort Jackson, South Carolina



These are pictures of my 1976 MR 250 I picked it up about a year ago from a friend of mine who is an MT nut. Thebike was in pitiful shape it had been stripped down and sitting out for about 10 years. I did a complete restoration from the frame up it took me 8 months to compleate it but now it think it looks great and it sure has that vintage ELSINORE power.


This bike RIPPS! It will wheelie in 3rd gear just by cracking the throttle. I know that the MR is supposed to have the head light and tail light which I do have but I thought for now while I am ripping it up with my son I had better take them off so they dont get busted up so I just decided to put on a front number plate so it would'nt look so bare.




Ronald Wampler