Bike of the Month - December 2003
1980 Works Mugen ME125 Elsinore
Danny Gonzalez
Simi Valley, CA



Johnny O'Mara Works bike as seen in VMX magazine. Probably the rarest motorcycle on the planet. Works bikes were crushed by the factories in motocross' golden age. Johnny won the 1980 USGP at Mid-Ohio as a rookie for the Mugen team, starting one of the all-time super stars on the road to fame.


Greg Primm at the Primm Museum has one and I think there are only one or two others left from that storybook season. This prize is jewel of my collection. It is immaculate. This is the real thing! If you followed MX in the 80's you know the bike. Works bikes are a special breed and the attention to detail is outstanding.


Danny Gonzalez