Bike of the Month - November 2004
1973 CR250M Elsinore
Larry Grossman
Victorville, CA



I have always ridden bikes, I road raced, flat tracked, TT (motocrossed ), and desert raced. I walked into a Honda shop in Pasadena California just to look around & they had about three brand new 250 Elsinores, they were so cheap I had to get one (wish I would have bought them all). The reason they were so low in price was probably because there were faster bikes being made to take their place.


I did not ride it that much, just weekends in the desert with my kids. It is totally stock & original. I have maintained it very well & did not thrash it. I have three other bikes, a 1977 Kawasaki KZ 650 Custom, 175 Bultaco Lobito, 1964 Honda Super Hawk that is totally a road race bike (retired now) but I used to race it often.


I am asking $2500 for this Elsinore. The bike is dent free, just wear on the motor paint from riding it. The reason the tank is blue instead of green is because I just didn't like the green, so I painted it. It is still fast & runs great!


Larry Grossman