Bike of the Month - October 2004
1978 MOTO-X FOX CR250R Elsinore
Wayne Nix
Murphy, NC



Well I built this bike this past spring or redid it after having restored it about 12 years ago. When I finished it this year it had 81 CR 250 forks and Fox airs and an aluminum works swingarm, it looked like a factory racer Smith or Lackey would have raced back in the day. I was well pleased with the look as I had also used all the Fox aluminum replica parts that were available, I had some zero nine numbers, bought a silencer from Rick Horvat.


At the first race I attended this year at Garmon Ranch, Mike Brillant took some pictures of my bike and sent them to Dave Turk in California. Dave contacted me a few days later and asked if I would be interested in selling or trading the swingarm on my bike. He stated he was building a RC450 and that the swingarm I had looked very similar to the one used on those bikes, like Al Baker used to sell, but he knew it was a replica arm because it didn't have the tab for the brake backing plate to slide in to.


Well I had noticed this tab years ago I figured it had to be one for a works bike since that's the only bikes that didn't use a brake arm and I told Dave, but yes it does have the tab you just mentioned, he gets all excited and starts calling and checking and lo and behold it is a works arm and is almost exactly what he needs to complete his 450. We work a trade for the Fox forks and Fox swingarm on my bike, I ordered the stickers for them and that's where the Fox parts came from.

As far as what I have done to the bike, Wiseco piston, boyesen reeds, stock pipe, NOS Air filter, 36 Mikuni carb, motor stock, complete rebuild of the Fox Airs, new bearings in the swingarm, the forks have new seals, new negative springs and 7 wt oil, I use nitrogen to pressure the forks and the shocks, had urethane paint mixed as close as possible, found some gold rims at a salvage yard, new seat cover, nos Honda spokes, Michilen tires, Preston Petty Tony D front fender, Nos rear fender, DID gold chain, Renthal bars, Scott grips, nos cables.


Now where did I get the works arm, back 10 years ago a guy I would see at the vintage races in Fla. he told me he had an aluminum arm for my bike so I traded a parts bike to him for the works arm, of course at the time we did'nt know it was a works arm. Nathan hope this isnt to much I could go on but........ as of today I am putting on some DG Fim side panels with yellow backgrounds.


Wayne Nix