Bike of the Month - July 2004
1979 Mugen ME360
Henk Harms



In the first photo you see the state of the bike when I bought the bike from Gilbert van Dorp from Belgium. There were a lot of things wrong with the bike so I decided to restore it a half year ago. It must be in "new " and trick condition otherwise I am not satisfied, so I started to buy and trade parts for this bike. I got the chassis powdercoated and built it up again, beginning with new footpegs. All the bolts and nuts where passifated. I bought a new kickstarter because the old one was worn out.


A new brake pedal crossed my way and I bought a new barrel/head from a former factory rider in Belgium and a piston from Dave Turk. The plastics and tank came from Robert Hawes Jr. The engine was sandblasted and painted. I mounted new bearings and seals, installed a new big-end and rod from a 2001 cr250, and mounted new Exell rims with stainless steel spokes. The rear rim is 19 inch because the availability of tyres in this size is much bigger here in Holland. New brake shoes, Swingarm "repro DG" (thanks to Dave Turk), chain slider, sprockets and chain were installed.


I ordered a set of Fox repro aluminium by Red Racer in The USA to make the bike extra trick. A new airbox came from Alan Woods in the UK. The pipe came from Spain and the Fox Forx from the USA (Dave Turk). While I was busy with the bike I came across a Lectron carburetor, they are very Hard to find here in Holland and nobody has ever heard of them, WP shocks (twinclickers) came from Erik Goossens, a friend of mine who is working for WP Benelux. He built them especially for me. I'll try this bike tomorrow at the track here in the neighborhood, and I think it will go like hell!!


Henk Harms