Bike of the Month - November 2005
1979 Mugen ME360
Stephane Tirot
Normandy, France



I'm a French rider from Normandy. I've raced twinshocks since 6 years ago. The first 3 years I raced with this '79 Honda CR250 Elsinore I found in Belgium . After that I found a new Mugen kit in its original box In 2003, so I raced with the ME360 Mugen and never had a problem with this bike!


In 2004, I organized an international twinshocks race in July. I invited Graham Noyce and Neil Hudson. I prepared this HONDA MOTO-X FOX especially for Graham for his comeback in racing and also to celebrate his 25th anniversary of his world champion title.


I rebuilt this bike in 4 months. I found another Mugen kit in England. I bored the crankcase, and painted it at my work (I work for a motorbike painter Axxo Design). The tank graphics are painted, not stickers, the handlebar protection is painted too. I used 1982 Honda CR250R forks (with Fox stickers), Ohlins shocks, Preston Petty front fender, Red Racer rear fender, and MXM seat cover.


My brother did the silencer. He works in Formule 1! In 2005, I found a Lop swingarm, new Ohlins shorter and Preston fork protection. Graham raced also in Namur with my bike in August 2004. it was really nice for me!


Stephane Tirot