Bike of the Month - March 2005
1974 Honda CR250M Elsinore
Nathan S. Britt
Denver, CO



This '74 CR250M was built in '75 by Dennis Latimer in Oklahoma City. He built 4 or 5 to sell in his shop. Dennis bought a new CR straight off the floor and cut the entire sub frame and engine cradle off and hand built it to his own design. He then installed a T&M swing arm, Marrizochi (spelling?) forks and triple clamps, 125 front wheel and 125 tank.


The motor has a reed, and a cylinder that Dennis says is an exact replica of a Gary Jones cylinder. I am not sure where he got it but after riding the bike, I don't doubt it. We haven't made any significant changes, but because of the difference in tracks and my riding style we worked in a few spots. The rear wheel has been redone by my Dad, Jerry Britt, to improve braking. It includes a double arm brake plate and it dropped about 6 pounds.


Dad is now installing a set of 36mm front forks and clamps because the 32mms don't stay straight with the bigger jumps on the tracks today. Yeah, I guess I could not do all the big jumps but the thing works so well that I can't help it. I think, after looking closer, that Dennis also strengthened the welds around the steering head. Now that Dad and I have worked out the springs and shocks, this bike is able to compete with the PV class bikes and I think it actually works better than most. It's a privilege to get to ride this bike, Thanks Dad and Dennis, and Lanny.


Nathan S. Britt