Bike of the Month - December 2004
1979 CR125R Elsinore
Steve Williams
Fort Worth, TX



I've been an Elsinore racer since my first '74CR125M. Now, over 25 years later (and thank God for vintage mx) I'm proud to show (and go) on my MINT '79 CR125R. It's bone stock 'cept for the DG head, Fox AirShox, and my own internal fork mods. This bike is not restored, it's just been properly taken care of by the past 2 owners (me being the 3rd and final owner).


I came back to vintage class MX after about 15 yrs of AMA roadracing in the D Production class. I'm a smarter, better berm shooter now than I was at 17. (we don't take our feet off the pegs on the tarmac, so it was natural to carry that stuff back over to the dirt. I race it in the GPlll class here in TX. Check out This is my 5th and final CR125 since my first 1974 CR125M. It rips! I'm 45 and can still spank it on this bike. I'll be buried with it!


Steve Williams