Bike of the Month - October 2005
1976 Honda MT125 Elsinore
Carl Richey
Longmont, CO



I found this 1976 MT125 Elsinore about 3 years ago with a clear title. It had only 620 miles on it, but unfortunately had been left outside in the elements to a degree. The seat cover was ripped up on it - I found that a 73-74 Honda CR250M seat cover fits and I got one from Vintage Iron. Apparently old gas had been left in the carb, because there was significant rust on the float and it was clogging the main jet. I replaced the float with a 1974 stock Honda CR125M. I also had to rejet the bike for Colorado (5000 miles above sea level). I swapped out the handlebars with original 1974 CR125M bars and also changed the fork tubes (from a 1975 Honda XL125) because the originals were pitted. The MT still has the original grips on it.


The MT now has nearly 2600 miles on it. I ride it to work 6 miles across town, and during the winter I ride it on gravel roads out in the country near my house. This bike is so cool, and they seem to be getting rare. I wish I could find an MT250 in as good as shape as my 125! How many street legal Honda Elsinores do you see on the street these days?


I think it will be forever my collection. Could I find another like it?


Carl Richey