Bike of the Month - November 2007
1979 Honda CR125R Elsinore
Alex Toth
Chula Vista, CA



I picked this 1979 CR125R up for $200. I also bought another one for $225 and the third for $100. It is all about being in the right place at the right time with these old bike.


This one I took down to the frame and gave it the Johnny 'O treatment. Then I rebuilt the engine. I have noticed that a lot of the rims from this era of Honda's have tiny cracks. That is why you will see a Suzuki front wheel, plus I wanted to run a 21" front tire. I put on a 1980 swingarm and progressive shock, which work out great for vintage 5 lap motos. It also has 1980 side panels, and I installed a 34 Mikuni carb.


Funny thing, I was all done except the seat. I have a black seat, but I was thinking a red seat might be better. Well that day, a whole 1980 seat with a new red and black cover shows up on ebay and nobody else bid on it. It was made for this bike.


This is a racestoration not a restoration.


Thanks and enjoy the bike.


Alex Toth