Bike of the Month - August 2007
1975 Honda CR125M1 Elsinore
Mark Lafferty
Surrey, BC, Canada



I bought this bike at a yard sale in Vernon BC in July 2006. It had been sitting outside in the weather for years and was in very rough shape. At the time, I was looking for an MT125 to ride on the street but could not fine one in my area. I had enough parts left over from my other Elsinore projects to make this CR street legal and decided to make this my winter project.


The CR was stripped down to the frame and completely rebuilt.


I used many MT125 components in order to make it street legal such as lights, turn signals, ignition, wiring harness, horn, brake switches, handlebar controls and miscellaneous electrical parts. I added generic mirrors and battery. The battery box was custom made. I had to shorten and modify the air filter cage to get the battery to fit and used a '74 air filter element.


It has an MT gas tank that holds a bit more gas than a CR tank. The bike has an MR175 engine and a CR125 carb. I added an FMF silencer to the CR pipe to quiet it down a little. The knobby tires are DOT approved for street use. I used a small bicycle speedometer/odometer. It took 3 months to get it approved by the licencing agency and needed 2 safety inspections.


The bike is a blast to ride around town! I've had it up to 65 mph but you wouldn't want to tour the country on it. It get lots of comments from old dirt bikers (my age) wherever I park it.


Mark Lafferty