Bike of the Month - August 2006
1981 Mugen ME460
Henk Harms



The first bike I restored was a 1981 Honda CR450R. I finished about 10 years ago and sold it to Sjaak Martens here in Holland. I should've never sold it. It is the nicest bike Honda ever built. I've heard it is a hard to ride bike, but very very nice to see.


Last summer I bought this bike from Dave Turk in LA. It was in a pretty good shape, a perfect base for restoration. Actually I wanted to make an RC Replica but I didn't have enough special parts to make it look like an RC so I decided to make a good bike to ride myself. It must be a eye catcher, and I think I succeeded in this.


First I had the frame powdercoated, the forks got new seals and to give it the origional Honda look the boots where in pretty good condition so I re-used them.


In the time I restored the bike I had a big search on plastics for the bike. I bought a NOS tank from Big Jon from the UK, I had some plastics myself. The rear fender I bought a couple of years ago from Robert Hawes in Mesa Arizona.


The wheels Have Excell rims and Stainless steel spokes with of course new tyres, new bearings/seals and brake shoes. I bought an NOS Mugen Kit with I think The only Mugen ME460 pipe in the world, also NOS, and I used the stock silencer. The engine bottom is totally redone, new bearings/seals.


Clutch plates and clutch springs are from the me460 kit. The bike has new footpegs and brake pedal. I could not find a shift lever, but it is in a reasonable shape. All the pro link bushings are new and the seals for it also.


I had an Ohlins shock made by Zweitse Rooske, a very good suspension specialist here in Holland, (He lives and works about 1/2 mile from my home). The old shock was not good when you rode the bike. The seat is done by a guy here nearby. It is perfect. He also makes the graphics. I asked him to make the Mugen sign on the top of the seat. I saw it on a former bike of the month. The graphic ME480 gives the bike a special look.


I started the bike last saturday for the first time and it runns very very good. When I get used to the bike it will be a winner, you can hear it. First I have to practice on it before I go to race it.


Because I will race this bike I need plastics for it so if there is anybody who has plastics for this bike, I prefer NOS, I will buy it. I would like to thank everybody who helped me make this bike as it is, I am very proud of it.


Henk Harms