Bike of the Month - June 2007
1979 Honda CR250R Elsinore
Willem-Jan van Wieren



Here are a few pictures of a 1979 Honda CR250R Elsinore that I race in the Dutch twin shock championship. I bought the bike in November of 2006. The bike was a wreck, but it was 95% original and it was good to restore because most of the NOS parts were with the bike.


First we took the engine apart to see in what state it was in. The gearbox was like new, only the right crankcase was in a bad shape because the chain broke once and destroyed it. We got a good crankcase from a friend so that was fixed.


The frame had few cracks on the steering head, but we welded it and made a few modifications to make the frame stronger. We sandblasted all the metal parts from the bike and got them painted. The engine is rebuilt with all new bearings, new WISECO piston, new PROX big -end, new nicaseal in the cylinder, And a new set of heavy duty clutch plates and springs from EBC.


We also had an '81 Honda CR125R for parts so we modified the alloy swingarm from it for the '79 Elsinore. The shocks are on the same position as the standard swingarm, but the swingarm is 3cm longer which gives the bike better handling. The shocks are first generation White Power shocks and the forks are a set of 41mm forks.


I race the bike with the stock jetting and with high octane fuel to keep the engine cool. The pipe on the bike is stock and the silencer is a modified KX250 pro circuit silencer. Last year I raced a YAMAHA YZ490 and I was surprised at how powerfull and lively the Elsinore is. The handling is also awesome and it feels incredibley light.


Today I raced the bike for the dutch twinshock championship and I finisched 6th and 4th against Maico 490's and '84 Honda CR500's. Have fun viewing the pictures.




Willem-Jan van Wieren from Holland