Bike of the Month - May 2008
1982 Honda CR480R Elsinore
Freddy De Bruyne
Scherpenheuvel, Belgium





I bought this bike brand new when I started to race in 1982. Four years later I sold the bike to a friend of mine at work. Soon I started to realize that doing this was a great mistake. I missed my Honda so much that I started a “seek and ye shall find” mission.


After 15 years in 2001 I found my bike again after checking the frame number which I wrote in a book in 1982. Nevertheless, I had the possibility to buy the bike again which I sold in 1986. I was lucky that the Honda CR480R still was located in Belgium, otherwise it would have been very hard to find it again.


So I decided in January this year to restore it in his nearly original condition. I changed the spokes in stainless spokes, got the frame powder coated, changed the seat cover in a new one, put in a new piston and got the cylinder honed, and painted everything again.


So this was the story of this special bike for me.


I want to thank my friend Jos who helped me a lot to restore the bike and to Van Boom racing.