Bike of the Month - January 2008
1981 Honda CR450R Elsinore
Franz-Josef Oehen



I did not restore this bike myself. My friend from Switzerland helped with the restoration. He has many years of experience restoring bikes. The bike has many NOS parts from Honda Suisse. This bike is not perfect, but very nice.


I founds parts for it at, and many parts from E-bay.


I have one big honda collection. My Honda Collection includes:


2x CZ100, 6x Z50M, 1x QR50, 1x Z50R Chrom, 1x C110, 1x CR110, 1x MR50K1, 8x CB92,
2x CB93, 1x Benly JB 55, 1x Dream 3E , 1x CR93 , 1x MT125RII , 1x CL77 , 4x CB450K0,
2x CB450K1, 2x CR450RB, 1x VFR750R RC30, 1x Generator G40, 1x Generator E300,
2x Kick`n go