Bike of the Month - February 2008
1977 Honda CR125M Elsinore
Brad van Barrelo
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia



I bought this an original unmolested bike that had been sitting for who knows how long. The best kind of resto is the kind when everything is there and in fairly good order to start with.


I liked the idea of a white bike and decided to give it a go as I was confident it would look good. I am certain it has been done many times before but as a newcomer ( a little over 18 months) I personally haven't seen this year model done this way.


Being from Australia, aftermarket parts are a bit scarce so I sourced most of the trick parts from the US (the land of plenty!) (can you sence a bit of jealousy in my tone?).


I found that fast fifty wide alloy footpegs bolt straight up with a minor adjustment to one of the springs.I am not able to do a concourse resto, not yet any way. The pipe is a GMC made item. He is an Aussie native who services all the old school bikes with pipes as well as repo frames etc. A talented man.


It was to be a rider but for now it will be a garage queen as I cant bring myself to scratch it ...yet! Hope you guys get a bit of enjoyment out of looking at her as I do. Thanks for the opportunity Nathan.