Bike of the Month - August 2008
1974 MR50 Elsinore
Bryan Hoffman
Fort Wayne, Indiana



Hello fellow Elsinore lovers!


I wanted to share with everyone the pictures of my restored 1974 Honda MR-50 Mini Elsinore! How many of you out there started on one of these mini rockets? What a great bike….they where ahead of their time. It was worth all of the long hours I spent out in the garage to get this baby back in new condition!


I am a 41 year old moto-crosser from Fort Wayne, Indiana and my very first bike was a ’74 MR50 that my Dad helped my buy when I was 9 years old. The bike was everything to me! The little MR50 was traded in years ago for bigger bikes as I out grew them and finally convinced my parents to let me start racing moto-cross in 1981…..and the rest is history! A few years ago, I started having an itch to find one of these bikes to restore and keep around…..and I finally found this bike last year from a gentleman in Ohio who had it on EBay. To my wife’s displeasure, I won the auction and brought it home…..and by the way, it is easier to ask for forgiveness that permission!


The bike was complete and in pretty good condition….just needing some tender loving care. I started my frame up restoration process back in April of this year, where I disassembled the frame, all chassis parts and engine. I sent the engine (head, cylinder, and cases) out to have a local company bead blast and burnish the aluminum parts to bring back the original look. I sandblasted all repainted all of the frame and suspension components to bring them back to original condition and installed new spokes on the wheels. I have replaced all and any OEM parts that I could still get through Honda and the plastic, seat cover, and reproduction stickers came from


I hope you all enjoy this little piece of mx history as much as I have! It was fun bringing it back to life and it brings back great childhood memories every time I look at it!!




Bryan Hoffman