Bike of the Month - July 2008
1979 Mugen ME360
Brad van Barrelo
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia





I bought this bike complete and site unseen from a fellow VMXer that I now consider a friend. He is a big hairy man and probably stinks as well but seeing as he is computer illiterate he won't get to read this so I can pretty much say what I want about him!


I was a bit disappointed with the overall finish of the bike so I set out to rectify that by putting new plastics on, re-chroming the spokes and putting gold rims on, different controls and a NOS DG front number plate. I had the swingarm polished, had the tank re-sprayed and a general tidy up as well.


The front end is off a CR450R, so too is the swingarm that was modified to suit. The idea was there with the use of the CR450R swingarm but the execution wasn't the best so I had it finished off to a higher standard.