Bike of the Month - January 2012
1974 Honda CR125M Elsinore
George Lucas

Jackson, NJ



I purchased my CR125M back in 1990 for $500 it was box stock. I began locating some trick aftermarket parts. Back then hop up parts where easy to find. After collecting some the parts I put the bike together to race.


The bike was in good shape to begin with so all I did was bolt on the swingarm, shocks and head. The bike always ran great. In 1992 after the first two rounds of the vintage Nats I found myself in 1st pn points.


I decided to go to Muddy Creek, Tn. While leading in axle deep mud I blew up the motor. I ordered all the parts from Honda but never put it together. The bike sat dormant since then.


Last fall 2010 I decided to restore it since I already had the majority or the parts. While looking at several restored bikes I got motivated to see what type of restoration I could do. I wanted mine to look a little different from all the rest.


While working on the bike I decided I wanted to try to make a vintage bike look modern. I contacted several graphics shops but none where interested. While at Mickey Kesslers shop he turned me on to Rich Dombey of Rich Signs. Rich did a lot of graphic work for some of the big players in the MX world and was more than happy to design the graphics. I wanted the graphics to mimic the 2012 works bike. Rich did a great job. It was just what I was looking for.


The most expensive part of the job was the wheels but, that was mandatory. I did a complete resto on a budget of around $2,500. (Keep in mind I already had all the trick stuff along with the new clark tank, tires, Pacifico fenders and DG pipe on the shelf.) Mods include: 76 forks, triple clamps, Works shocks, X-up swingarm, Webco head, DG pipe, 32mm flat slide carb, and new Excell wheels.


Thanks to Mickey Kessler of KPS for rebuilding the motor and suspension. Rich Dombey for the cool graphics. I really happy with the build. Hope you like my concept.