Bike of the Month - September 2011
1979 Honda CR125R
Peter Jordan

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada



Well, I have had this bike since I was 14. It only took me 24 years to restore it. Well 3 actually, but it has been sitting around for some time. I did the first "restoration" three years back and it was done, well... half-baked. I got busy the next year and never really completed it properly.

This past winter I walked by it in the garage again and said to myself that the bike deserves better. So I stripped it right down to the frame and started over. I removed all the bolts, sent them to a plating factory and had them all re-cadmium plated to get that nice yellow-gold look again. I bought the proper Honda 2095(R23)paint, and as many OEM parts as I could find. I got a lot of help from many suppliers all over the world.


I can honestly say that the bike is at least 95% OEM. Most of it was already original. However as I did more research, I found that the previous owner removed some parts and I found and replaced them all. I rebuilt the rear shocks, with the original seals that I sourced out from Thailand, yes Thailand!!! I have two sets of shocks that are rebuilt. One set is just an oil shock and the other I had fitted with a nipple and nitrogen by Greg's here in Winnipeg. He does really nice work!!


Right now the only non-OEM parts are the rear fender, which I am still looking to find, the decals, chain and some gaskets. But otherwise, pretty OEM. I did my best to keep it that way. It still has the original chrome bore as well. I found a Krizer-Honda silencer and pipe and threw it on too, but I may change it back to the original muffler, I have not decided yet.


All in all, it's been fun, challenging, and at times, frustrating journey. But it sure is a blast to ride it again!!