Bike of the Month - October 2011
1976 Honda CR125 FMF
Dave Dames

Simi Valley, CA



This is an exact copy of a bike one of my friends raced for FMF back in 1976. I always thought it was a great looking bike and was a blast to ride.

So, as with my other bikes, this started with finding a very nice FMF porcupine head and then an 18 month search for all the other parts. This bike has the Magnesium Ceriani Forks, RC fiberglass tank; FMF head, ported cylinder and pipe; Moto-tek ignition, 34mm Mikuni carb, FMF Godzilla swingarm with chain guide, ultra rare Luft shocks with remote reservoirs and hangers and a FMF 520 chain kit. It is finished off with Sun rims and SS spokes.

All the components were in pretty good shape to start with the exception of the shocks. It actually took 3 different sets of shocks to end up with one good set. The bodies had to be re-machined, threads recut, custom reproduced shaft seals made and then the bodies and springs powdercoated. The reservoirs were all cleaned up and then re-anodized along with the hangers. New braided steel lines were made up by the very same company that made them originally for Luft.

Everything on the bike was powdercoated, polished, plated or painted to match the original finishes as close as possible.

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Hope you enjoy,

Dave Dames
Simi Valley, CA