Bike of the Month - November 2011
1979 Honda CR250R Elsinore
Craig Munn

Lakeville, PA



I started this project in November 2010. I got alot of insight from as this is my first restoration. The bike I started with ran but was in rough shape. My original plan was to just paint it and race it, but after seeing some of the work others had done I took it a few steps further.


The bike was completly dissasembled. First I did the wheels, powder coated the hubs, then relaced the old rims with new rims and spokes from Buchanans. Then the motor was powder coated tahitian red with satin clear over top to get the factory flat finish.


All new bearings, seals, piston, rings and billet clutch from England were installed. Next I had to powder coat the frame. I could not fit the frame in the little oven so I built one! The forks were dismantled then polished 220 - 1000 grit paper then buffed out on polishing wheel. I reassembled them with new seals and oil.


A Mikuni 36mm carb was installed along with DG high temp powder coated pipe and silencer. New plastics and seat cover were installed. The number plate backgrounds came from my sponsor Decal Works. I made my share of mistakes as this was my first resto. Now I am looking for a new project to start this winter, maybe a '74 Elsinore.