Bike of the Month - August 2012
1981 Honda CR450R Elsinore

Richard Brouwers

Aarle-Rixtel, Netherlands



Hi, this is my 1981 Honda CR450R Elsinore.


t took almost 3 years to come to this state of art. I bought a bike from Jos Dolphijn in Belgium, the bike had broken frame, rusted forks, and a sized engine so i found a very good frame from Jack in Montana.


On the way looking for parts i found a new NOS CR250 tank from Bruce (RIP) in Australia, but i decided to put it on my CR450R and left the the decals on it.

i tried to make it as close to NOS as i could, except for the Renthal bars and Excel rims. Of course all new bearings, piston, clutch, tires etc. and many new NOS parts.

The front and side plates are NOS CR250 and comes from Florida, thanks to Linda keyko. I like the white instead of yellow. I started the bike once and it sounds great. i'm not planning to ride the bike, but only for display.


As you can see there is no chain on it. For me it is the most beautiful CR Hondas, but also the worst. I think that's the reason that there are a few parts left over.