Bike of the Month - October 2012
1974 Honda CR250M Elsinore

Troy Heal

Hawkes Bay, New Zealand





Here is my rebuilt race ready '74 CR250M..... I have wanted one of these for about 3 years now as I have a bit of a pre-75 Honda bug. I have just finished rebuilding a 74 MT250 and race a modified MT250.


I had been hunting for one to no avail until my mate gave me a frame and engine cases for one 5 months ago. So I sourced parts from here and all over the world, then the rebuild started.


The frame had been modified in the past so was repaired and gusseted in all the appropiate parts to strengthen it. The engine was rebuilt with a billet crank and a '76 CR250M gearbox, which is stronger than the original.


New piston on standard bore also.. An original dent free exhaust was fitted with a modified Pro curcuit muffler. All new reproduction plastics incl seat base were used.


Forks were rebuilt using emulators and new springs with Ohlin shocks on the back. Engine and muffler mounts were made of aluminium with stainless steel used for rear brake stay. Then the forks were brushed then clear coated.


Brake pedal, gear shift lever and cables are NOS items. I decided to leave tank with the few dents it had as I was going to race this bike. The bike started and ran like a dream on its first run..... Ready for racing in 2 weeks time...


"Rebuid on time but oviously not on budget, but if you love something, cost and time doesn't matter."


Thanks for looking!