Bike of the Month - February 2013
1976 Honda CR250M Elsinore

Don Brown

Thousand Oaks, CA





I found this bike in a field, outside an old house about twenty years ago. The owner sold it to me for $50. I had a similar one like it in high school. It was a complete wreck when I got it home. It had a seized motor, ripped up and rotten seat, hammered tank, cables were torn and dangling.


I completely disassembled it down to the nuts and bolts and started slowly gathering parts to make it new again! Thank God for ebay and RE-MX! The hardest part to find was the silencer. I guess they got thrown away along with the chain guides in the 70’s!


I tried to stay true to original Honda as much as possible. The tank is an original factory alloy with original paint. Bike fires on the first kick and has awesome power! I had forgotten what a two-stroke can do when it comes on the pipe! The bike is painted in the original Honda Tahaitian red color of 1976. (RE-MX)


Sadly, I am forced to sell now due to financial reasons. I loved restoring this bike! It was a long ordeal but worth it! I still had all my dirt bike magazine tests when I raced in the 70’s for reference.