Bike of the Month - November 2010
1973 Honda CR250M Elsinore
Daniel Sanchez
Madrid, Spain





This is my 1973 Honda CR250M Elsinore. I live in Madrid, Spain. We dont have Elsinores here, so I have found this bike on an eBay auction, in Salt Lake City, UT. I won the auction and the seller shipped the bike to Miami, FL where my dad, who had to travel there, stripped it down, put all the parts in suitcases and brought it in his lugage on his flight to Spain.


From this point, I started all the restoring job. I started sandblasting the frame and all the painted metalic parts, engine cases, covers, cylinder and head, shock springs, hubs, etc... , and powder coated in satin black. Every bolt, nut, spokes, nipples, etc..... are the original ones previously zinc plated.


All the plastic parts are the originals too, with lots of hours of sandpaper and paint job, except the front number plate that is a reproduction. The engine is totally rebuilted with new seals, bearings, gaskets, rebored and a new Wiseco piston kit. For the tank job I had to open some windows in the inner side and welded after fixing some dents and dings and then I did all the finish for the aluminum look and paint job.


Shocks and forks have new seals and oil. The worst part on this bike is the expansion chamber that was destroyed, I tried my best, but as you can see in the pics it is not very nice, so I keep looking for a better one. I had tried to tune up the old Keihin carb, but finally I installed a new Mikuni VM34 and the bike is running great.




Daniel Sanchez