Bike of the Month - May 2011
1973 CR250M
Eric Wood
Manitoba, Canada



I purchased this bike out of a local classified ad for $150. Engine was in a rotten cardboard box, cases had been split and crank was missing. I told him I didn't want it unless he had the crank, turns out it was at his buddys place. Luckily all the parts were there.


I am a honda motorcycle tech by trade, I tracked down as many parts as I could from honda and the rest I sourced off the internet. We actually had an original parts book at work for the bike which helped alot! I stripped the engine cases, refinished them,replaced all bearings, con rod, fresh bore and piston.


Sandblasted frame, was cracked by footpeg mounts, I welded in gussets and painted frame. Soda blasted all bolts, all bolts are original to the bike, new cables, brakes, rebuilt suspension. Sanded forks and brushed properly then clear coated. I have the original aluminum tank that I cut apart and straightened but before I got it done I bought a steel MT250 tank off ebay for $15.00, lots of dents, I pulled the dents, coated the inside of the tank.


The only parts the bike was missing was the original pipe and back fender. I got a pipe from Vintage Iron and a fender from dc plastics. I used the original tank as a template and painted the MT250 tank to match, turned out beautifully! Has original keihin carb, had trouble with inlet needle, adapted one from a newer CR, had to machine seat down to get it to fit, works perfect now.


I am very impressed how this bike runs, lots of people think you cant get an old bike to run properly, with the timing set properly and jetted right this thing runs very strong just like it did in 1973! We have an old timer MX club starting up here and I plan to race it. It took me a whole winter to build and I did everything myself from engine rebuild to paint, to me it is one of the most beautiful motorcycles ever made and I am glad I could bring it back to life! Hope you like it,