Bike of the Month - May 2013
1979 Honda CR250R Elsinore


??, MI





Here is my 79 CR250R. I picked it up last year at Mid-Ohio. It was mostly there but didnt have good Shocks or any exhaust. The motor felt good though and $550 at Mid-Ohio was a good price.


I got it race worthy last fall to race up here in our Michigan Vintage series race at Bulldogs M/C. I didnt know if I was going to like it after racing my 83 CR480R for 2 years. I ended up liking the low end power so much I decided to fix it up over the winter and race it this year.


The bike was strictly to be a race bike. The Fox Airs I came across for a great deal and I have always liked them. It has a full Pro-form exhaust and still has original chrome bore. I have struggled with idea of racing it because it came out so pretty and I have seen several sell on Ebay in the $3k-$4k range lately, but I made my choice to race it and its already loaded in my truck, ready to race in the morning.