Bike of the Month - December 2012
1974 Honda MR50 Elsinore

Daniel Sanchez

Villaviciosa de Odon, Madrid, Spain





This is my 1974 MR50, is my third elsinore restoration after a 1978 CR250R and a 1973 CR250M. I purchased this bike on Ebay from Louisiana, USA and the seller shipped it to Spain were I live, in two boxes via USPS. When the bike finally arrived I realized that it was in a very poor condition, it was covered with a lot of rust and very corroded.

My first intention was to restore the bike extrictly original as the 1974 model colours, but as my previous resto was a 1974 CR250M I thougt that it could be nice to have a baby replica.

I started stripping it down, bead blasting and powder coating in satin black the frame, hubs, pegs, triple clamps, shock springs, engine cases. The cylinder and head were sprayed with hi temp paint.

All screws, nuts, spokes, nipples and other hardware parts are zinc plated, as the bars, rims, kickstart and shift lever are chrome plated.

The engine has new bearings, seals and new home made gaskets but the cilynder is still on the standard bore. It doesnt make too much compresion but my plan is to find a oversize piston and rebore the cilynder some day.
Forks were dissasembled, cleaned, installed new seals and oil and the lower body was polished then brushed to its original look and clear coated. The rear shocks now are painted in metallic silver whith the springs black powder coated.

The muffler was clogged so I cut, cleaned, welded back and painted it with a hi temp spray. All the plastic parts are brand new reproductions which I had to paint to match the CR250M metalic silver and green. The gas tank was very rusted in and out side and with lots of dents, so I fixed the exterior with car body repair material and the inner side was cleaned, coated with epoxy and then the paint job, decals, a new seat cover and new tyres.

The bike was ready for my son's 4th birthday and it is running well but waiting for a new piston and rebore. Actually it is part of our living room furniture. :)

Thanks for your interest.