Bike of the Month - July 2010
1983 Honda CR125R
Micah Wellman
Sparks, NV





My brother purchased this bike used in 1987 and sold it to me around 1992 for $300. It lead a hard life and was abused pretty badly. I used it for a couple of years and then parked it for about 10 years.


I took it out last year and it suffered from rot in the casing around the water pump. I thought I would just spend a few bucks get it running again. In the end, I spend a few grand and redid the entire bike from the ground up. This was cheaper than buying a new bike and I get to ride something that is fairly rare to see.


It took me about a year to get it all back together again. Parts are getting tough to find. I used repro plastic except for the front fender. I managed to find a NOS tank cover in Australia, it really saved the restoration in hiding the faded and scratched tank. I have just two rides into her and it has been great.


That little motor can still make some impressive power when she gets wound up. Unfortunately, now she is dirty. I took lots of photos before she went out.