Bike of the Month - April 2012
1979 Mugen ME360
Wayne Rudolph

Fleet, Hampshire, England



I bought the bike as a standard 250 "Red Rocket" 1978/79 on Ebay about 6yrs ago. I got stung as it was advertised as "Total Rebuild" when in fact only the wheel bearings were any good. I rebuilt it and raced for a few seasons and then "FOUND" a Mugen Gearbox at a classic road bike auto-jumble.


I continued to collect the other Mugen parts as they came up but refused to pay the Stupid prices some people are trying to get. Eventually I got the lot and spent a bit of time building the motor properly with some excellent help from friend and Pre 65 Trials Frame Builder Andy Bamford. Also had some valuable Info from Stef Tirot who I've got to know as a friend now.


Originally finished in Red I decided on "Works Honda Black" for this year engine. It runs a modified air box to take modern type filters, 43mm Suzuki forks ( £15 from another auto jumble) Thor type swing arm, and a GMC Pipe from Australia.


This is a REAL race bike and so probably won't look as nice too soon! It got me to 3rd in the National Clubmans Championships last year and I`m hoping to do OK in the Over 50's (as I`m 56!) this season. Always on the look out for ME360 engine spares to keep it on the track where in my mind they should ALL be.