Bike of the Month - April 2013
1973 Honda CR250M Elsinore

John Marini

Wintersville, OH





I found this bike about 3 miles from my home 2 years ago and it was complete but in very rough condition. As I rode it home with a toasted clutch I had to keep pulling up the kick starter. I cruized by a few places that I rode at 38 years ago and stopped at a friends house who had a new '73 CR250M Elsinore back in the day and let him ride it. What memories!


The next day the frame was sand blasted and painted. I did everything myself but paint the tank, port the cylinder, and install the seat cover. Rick Tipton painted the tank, which previously looked liked it had been drug down the road tied to the back of a bike. What he did with it was amazing! He can be found at AMS racing under Rick Tipton's gas tanks; go to Tipton's tanks to see before and after photos of his work.


The motor recieved a rebuilt crank, ported cylinder with Honda factory specs, all new bearings, new piston, new OEM clutch. The rest of the bike recieved new spokes and rims, all new plastic, after market pipe and swing arm.