Bike of the Month - June 2003
1974 MT125 Elsinore
Steve Wind
British Columbia, Canada



This is a recent photo of my old Elsinore (taken the weekend of 04-20-03). The bike has never been restored, and has always been parked indoors or under cover when not in use. I am the second owner. The first was a friend of mine, who only rode it on his farm. He owned it for almost 10 years, and hardly ever rode it. So I talked him into selling it to me, and I have owned and ridden it for the last 19 or 20 years. It has very few miles on it (about 500 Km) and has been in storage for the last several years. I took her out of storage when I moved, and after some minor maintenance, fired her up and she still runs beautifully, (usually starts on first or second kick). I even have the original owners manual, and complete tool kit. Both stored under the seat.


Now I hope to enter her in a few "Show and Shines" in my area this summer. They definitely don't build motorcycles to last like these old Elsinores any more, and I am glad to see that so many of us want to show ours off. This was my second Honda Trial bike (my first was an 1981 XL), and still is my favourite.




Steve Wind