Here is what I need you to send me for Bike Of The Month submissions:

1. At least six pictures of your bike, preferably one of both sides of the bike, two angled shots of the front/left and front/right, and two angled shots from the back/left and back/right. Additional close-up shots of areas of interest, such as suspension, motor, tank, triple tree, etc.. would make a more interesting BOTM if you can get them. There are no limits as to the number of pictures you send in.

2. A write-up of the bike's history. Suggested topics of the write-up are how you acquired it, explanation of how you did the restoration, what parts you used and where you got them, any stories about your experience with the restoration, and any tips you have for others thinking of doing a similar restoration.

3. Your full name, location, country email,, the year/model of the bike.

I hope that many of you will take the time to submit your bike and share it with other Elsinore lovers who would appreciate the work you've put into it like no one else would.