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 Post subject: mugencross pipes
PostPosted: Sun Sep 05, 2004 9:14 am 
did anyone see the pipe in rob's add? i use those pipes. i run them on my 74 and 75 cr125 with very little mods, although they were made for the 76 and up. the only mods i had to do on my 75 is, where the gas tank seam is above the head i had to bend that flat in one spot and protect the petcock with some exhaust wrap. but i now have a 76 gas tank. and that petcock is located further back and the pipe passes with about 17mm gap. also i run a k&n air filters cause the stock air box and filter are where the silencer runs. plus i made a full air box to put the k&n in and sheild it for the silencer. although for two months i just ran the K&n with exhaust wrap on the silencer. rob is also making a mugen copy air box but probly for the 76 and up. now this pipe seems to work great with mods i have done to my bike, older dg head, ported cylinder,my intake manifold(found at red racer),34mm carb,k&n filter, timing and jetting set for the day and comes on lower and builds faster into the mid and revs pretty high but not too high( no over rev). much better in and out of the corners. and down the straight just keep shifting. now the pipe is a little pricey but how much does a down pipe cost from dg, pro form, ect. 2 something? and how much does it cost to have the dents taken out every other week? that won't happen to this pipe. so you are sort of saving money. now you can do doubles without flatting your pipe. boy did i ramble on. anyway i like the pipe. charlie

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PostPosted: Sat Sep 11, 2004 10:22 am 
Charlie...Thanks for taking the time and posting your feedback.

Just to be clear, Mugencross didn't make these pipes; I had Steve at Pro-Form make them for me/Mugencross. I did all the work getting an original Mugen pipe/silencer setup correctly on a bike and everything else in-between (Wayne, thanks for the use of your pipe and silencer); then Steve made me a fixture and copied the pipe and silencer (with the exception of us changing the expansion chamber mount). I even made templates for the rear fender and side panel so that there is "very little" guess work when adapting the '76 type side panel and rear fender for this pipe. The Mugen pipe and silencer were designed for the '76 to '78 CR125M's with Mugen kits and I had them copied as such; however, they will fit and work on the '74/'75 CR125's as Charlie has stated above. From a performance view, this pipe out performs my '78 DG pipe (an old style pipe I bought from DG in '80 for my '76 CR125M2 that I restored in '92) and the '76-'78 stock pipes; regardless if it's on Mugen kitted CR125M's or stock CR125M2 motor (however, it's much more noticeable when used with the Mugen kit). Charlie is not part of Mugencross nor was he involved in the making of these pipes; he's just a fellow racer/enthusiast who saw that I had made these pipes and bought one. He was tired of replacing his smashed up and dented low pipes, or having to worry about denting the pipe over woops or large jumps...problem solved.

I am also currently involved in another project of making Mugen copy aluminum air boxes for the '76 to '78 CR125M's with an updated air filter/cage setup and possibly a new or different air boot setup. Not sure when or even "if" we will ever get them finished and there currently isn't any plans to any for the '74/'75 CR125's. These air boxes are designed to clear the Mugen silencer/pipe where come through the inside of the left frame tubes; otherwise, the stock air box will need to be modified or removed and replaced with a pod filter.

Please feel free to email me or call if you have any questions or comments; I always try to give an honest and open answer, but I don't know everything.

Robert D. Hawes Jr.
(480) 807-1401

P.S. If you'd like to email Charlie he said that would be ok, his email address is:

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 Post subject: mugen pipes
PostPosted: Thu Oct 21, 2004 3:43 pm 
Hi Robert,
how much are these pipes as that is all i am missing for my 77 125 i have all original airbox crank barrel head,intake etc and what carb and jetting you using

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