Bike of the Month - April 2014
1974 Honda MT250

Craig Benedict

Greenville, MI





I am the proud owner of a MT250 and had this same bike in high school in 1976, unfortunately that bike is long gone. I purchased this one in April, 2011. I know the first model year was 1974, but this one has a build date of 4/73 and was titled for the road 9/18/73.

The VIN is MT250-1001588 and has two of the the three items of the very early 250’s; kick stand design and swing arm grease fitting. The third; oil tank outlet fitting is white (came with black that was prone to cracking).

I have the original owners title and I was told it sat in his basement for about 30 years. He had some work done on his home in November, 2010 and he traded it as partial payment. Then he sold it to his friend, from which I bought in April, 2011. Neither one had it titled and it had 2554 miles when I purchased it. It currently has 2712 miles and ride it occasionally.

It is nearly 100% original and considering the age I really didn’t do much to it. I believe the right mirror is incorrect, been trying to find one, the OEM is not available anymore. Besides replacing all the fluids, I replaced the fork seals and dust caps, inner tubes, rebuilt the petcock (the brass pickup tube was cracked the full length), replaced it with a stainless steel tube, chain and roller, flywheel side crankshaft seal (because I was there replaced the points and condenser) and various small parts. I also had to Kreem the fuel tank
because of surface rust.

I also have a 1968 Honda Z50K0, first year in the U.S. (no lights, white plastic levers, white rubber grips and a toggle switch ignition) and a 1973 Hodaka Dirt Squirt 100. My current every day bike is a 2006 Honda ST1300.